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Tania is co-host of Your Happy Place Radio and has extensive experience in the field of Leadership Development, coaching, corporate training and motivational speaking. She has mentored several training programs for numerous corporate organizations. She has been teaching Leadership courses for over 25 years and has had the opportunity to coach all employee levels from new hires to executive management. She has designed curriculum for top companies and continues to provide coaching and expertise to her colleagues. She has been studying leadership and success since she was a child. She is a Master Trainer and has taught thousands of seminars and has even had the opportunity to meet and shake the hands of a few of her mentors, Jim Rohn, T. Harv Ecker and Bill Walsh. In her spare time, she enjoys living her dream life with her family. She is also an author and life coach and was born to teach and inspire all around her and is driven to do so through her books and seminars. She continues to be one of the most positive people this world has ever known.
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