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If you’re wanting to skyrocket your bowling game to 200-Plus … throwing strike after strike with pinpoint precision … confidently picking up almost every spare (on the odd occasion when you don’t level all the pins with your first throw) … then this this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

You’re about to learn the secrets that separate the average bowler from the pro’s who seem to magically send each ball with laser-like precision, devastating the neat arrangement of pins that stare at you from the far end of the lane, as every single pin is levelled with a satisfying crash.

Virtually every bowler who can consistently bowl 200-plus has been taught the secrets of how to bowl … the easy-to-learn (but surprisingly little-known) secrets that advances bowling from frustrating trial-and-error to an exact, predictable (but simple) science.

And that tragic part is, that unless you know these "insider" secrets, you’ll never bowl to anywhere near your full potential.

I want to share these very secrets with you — but first let me tell you the story of how I learned the astonishing secrets that utterly transformed my bowling, because for the longest time, I never even knew these secrets existed!

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it now… I bowled regularly in a league, played extra games whenever I could, but as far as improving my game, I was wasting my time because I didn’t know the basic mechanics behind the game.

My bowling used to lack consistency … one game I’d be throwing strike after strike, but the very next game I’d suffer a humiliating defeat, as my game would absolutely go all to hell.

It was unbelievably frustrating. When my game was "off", I’d try my best to "psyche myself up", to "think positive", and all that stuff. I’d roll the ball, and the instant it left my hand I’d realize I had screwed up yet again. The ball would go off to the left … not by much, but by enough to ruin my chances of a good strike.

I’d smile to all those around me (and even join in the laughter when my screw-up was somehow amusing to them), but secretly I was mad inside.

I caught my lucky break when — entirely by coincidence — I was introduced to the owner of my local bowling center, who happened to be visiting a friend of mine (sometimes it really is a small world, isn’t it!).

We chatted for hours about all sorts of things. It turned out that in addition to our love of bowling, we had dozens of other things in common!

After many hours of chatting — as I reluctantly stood up to head home — the owner of the bowling center made me an offer so generous it left me speechless … he offered me unlimited access to pick the brains of his bowling coaches!

Up until that point, I pretty much learned to bowl by trial-and-error … which as I later discovered, is one of the worst ways to learn.

This is because when you learn by trial-and-error, you inevitably pick up bad habits… and worse still, you end up compensating for these bad habits with more bad habits, which sends you in a nasty downward spiral. You will improve a little this way, but any hope of a consistently good game vanishes into thin air.

In my first "brain picking" sessions with the bowling pro’s, I learned the basics that you have to know… Read more…

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