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Visit SiteHope for Healing Liver Desease In Your DOG"In my 20 plus years as a veterinary practitioner, I’ve treated many cases of liver disease, and I’ve followed both conventional and alternative methods of healing. In these pages, Cyndi Smasal has compiled an excellent guide to help treat liver disease in dogs, our best friends and companions. And, it’s in a great format that will allow readers to download it off the World Wide Web.

I started working with Cyndi and Norman four months into her alternative treatment. I’ve never met a more dedicated pet owner. She became a student and now a teacher of alternative veterinary medicine, nutrition, supplements and homeopathic remedies. I have personally seen Norman benefit from her loving care, homemade dog food, and nutritional supplements.

The concept of a special diet for liver disease is not a novel one. But in this book, Cyndi addresses the topic from a very personal and truthful level. She has tried everything that could possibly be helpful for her dog, much more than what she’s listed in these pages. She’s put all the results of her research into an easy to read, concise book that fills a tremendous need in the pet-lover community.

You will find her determination inspiring in addition to solid information about a complex disease. This book is by no means the answer to all of your dog’s needs, but it provides a great start for treating your dog with liver disease in collaboration with a qualified veterinarian.

This is vital information that needs to be available for every pet-lover who has a dog with liver disease."

When my Vet came in to the examining room and told me the blood tests didn’t look good and that my cocker, Norman, needed a more extensive test – I was shocked.

The next blood test confirmed that Norman had a liver problem but we didn’t know how bad it was. Initial treatment was to stop arthritis medication, take antibiotics and feed prescription diet food.

A week later he was worse. He swelled up like a balloon and I thought I was going to lose him in days or a week.

We did an ultra sound to see how bad his liver was damaged. It was small and scarred showing cirrhosis – the final stages of liver disease. A biopsy wasn’t done because my Vet didn’t think Norman would live a month and there was no use to spend more money on a dieing dog. He said there was nothing else to do.

Then I got on the Internet and read every article and bought every book I could find that had something about liver disease. I didn’t find anything that focused entirely on liver disease so I compiled all the information and started applying it.

The results of my research, trial and error, and ultimate success in healing Norman’s liver disease is captured in this book "Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog – The Complete Story".

I wrote this book for people like you who love their dog and want to find a way to keep them. This book has the answers you’re looking for.

"All in all, Cyndi, this is a PHENOMENAL piece of work! I’m impressed! You put your soul’s highest energy into it, and it shows. I think you’re going to help an incredible number of pets and their people. Way to go!"

I’ve put a wealth of information together from all my research into an easy to read, concise book that will help you take care of your dog.

This book is by no means the answer to all of your dog’s needs… Read more…

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