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Visit SiteHigh Density GardeningDiscover the Secrets to Growing Superb Tasting, Really Fresh Healthy Vegetables From a Tiny Area With Only a Few Hours of Work a Week

If you want to discover how to grow really fresh, wholesome and tasty vegetables that can be on your plate within minutes, and to do all this without any sustained hard work, then this is going to be an exactly what you are looking for.

When I was a child, my family were almost self sufficient in vegetables as my father grew everything he could in his back yard. I never took an interest in helping him and didn’t realize that not all vegetables tasted like what my father grew.

When I married and moved into my own house I started shopping at the local supermarket and meals never tasted the same. I suppose a lot of that was due to my mothers cooking but over the years I have learned how to cook like she does but still my food did not taste the same.

Why? Well her vegetables were still being grown by my father and my vegetables were being grown by massive agri-businesses. The supermarkets sell this food as FRESH.

My local supermarket ships in fresh produce from all over the world. Fresh green beans flown in from 6,000 miles away. Fresh chilies flown in from 8,000 miles miles away. And even fresh fruit from 12,000 miles away. Labor is cheap in developing counties and this is often where they grow their fresh vegetables – thousands and thousands of miles away.

I have written about it in simple to read and easy to follow steps which will cut your food miles to nothing. Much of the advice is backed up with full color photographs or drawings.

Once you have read High Density Gardening you will have the knowledge and the skills to be able to understand and set up your own High Density Garden.

"I sat down to read and was immediately absorbed. Your writing style is very personable and down to earth, (pardon the pun), and I was hooked from page one.

I learned a lot from your book – things that I knew but hadn’t really understood and things that I didn’t already know. I even learned a whole new way of laying out a vegetable patch that I’d not even suspected before – but will put into action on my plots right away.

The only problem with your ‘High Density Gardening’ was that once I started reading I couldn’t stop – and lost several hour’s gardening time this afternoon! Still, with what I’ve learned, it will have been time very well invested."

How to plan your High Density Garden in order that you can maximize the quantity of crops you can grow.

Discover how to grow many of the commonest vegetables. An in-depth full colour 2 page guide is included for each vegetable. Each one has a color coded Year Guide which informs you when to sow the seed (and how), when to transplant the seedlings or whether to sow direct in the growing position and, more importantly, for you, when to harvest. Each vegetable is discussed with details of planting density in a High Density Gardening bed system, all have photographs of seeds, seedlings and mature plants or crops. Each plant guide discusses the best site and soil type, how to sow and plant, when to harvest and also discusses problems related to each plant. The plant guide is set out in the same easy to read and easy to understand format for each plant.

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