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Visit SiteHypnotherapy to quit smokingDid you ritually crush that last cigarette packet? Did you draw on that last precious cigarette in the sure and certain knowledge that ‘this was it’?

And how long did it last? How long before you smelt a whiff of smoke from your clothes, or saw some Film-Star inhaling deeply in an old black and white movie, or one of your friends said "oh, go on! You know you want one!"

And you took that cigarette and lit up and felt that old familiar buzz as the smoke went down and you knew you were back!

Newsflash! There is only one way to quit successfully… You have to change your mind about smoking!

Because giving up smoking without changing your mind makes you into a temporary ex-smoker, unhappy with your decision and bound to fail.

There are elements of Hypnosis, NLP, CBT, auto-suggestion, subliminal programming, visualization, subconscious re-alignment, autogenics and psychotherapy in the HappyQuit program… But forget about the the psycho-babble… it doesn’t matter why it works. It works because it actually changes the way you think about smoking.

What makes HappyQuit Hypnotherapy-quit-smoking unique is that it is modelled on people who have ‘Just Quit’

Maybe you know someone like that? Someone who seemingly got out of bed one day and said to themselves…

… And they stopped! Just like that! And you never heard them complain about quitting, and they never had ‘just one’ after a meal, and they weren’t like those ex-smokers driven crazy by people lighting-up around them who rudely cough and scowl and make disapproving looks and talk loudly about ‘second-hand smoke’.

HappyQuit Hypnosis will turn you into one of those lucky people. You’ll be happy with your decision to quit and you’ll never want to smoke again. You’ll become a happy-quitter! you’ll be one of those people who ‘Just Quit’

Lots of quitting solutions will give you crazy statistics about how successful their systems are… many claim a 99% success rate! HappyQuit does not make un-truthful claims. The truth is this system does not work for everyone. Some people are just not susceptible to the hypnosis technique. But for others it is the solution they’ve been searching for and it turns them into life-long non-smokers, easily and permanently.

1. You will change your mind about smoking forever and easily and permanently become a happy non-smoker. Your life and health will improve dramatically and you will be free.

This is the simple, straight-forward course I wish I’d had years ago. It’s precisely the resource I needed when I first realised how much harm cigarettes were doing to me.

The HappyQuit Hypnotherapy program works. It will work for you just as it has for many others who have now quit for good.

"Changes What You Feel About Smoking!" "The thing with HappyQuit is it actually changes what you feel about smoking. It’s even good while you listen to the audio… You sort of relax then you go on these kinda trips in your imagination.! "

"Actually Stopped Me Wanting to Smoke!" "I must’ve given up and started again loads of times. Five or six times with those nicotine replacement things. I’ve tried the chewing gum too but it never stops you WANTING to light up. I thought it was amazing how just listening to this thing actually stopped me wanting to smoke "

"Now I Just Shrug!" "… After listening toHappyQuit I didn’t even mind my friends round me lighting up! When I tried to quit before it used to drive me crazy… but now I just shrug… up to them! "

You will not suffer from anxiety, you won’t need to chew gum… Read more…

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